STEPS Home Care Recognizes Our Caregivers During COVID-19

04 Jun STEPS Home Care Recognizes Our Caregivers During COVID-19


During this Coronavirus pandemic, we collectively worry for our aging parents in Westchester, Fairfield County and Nassau County as we realize they fall into the Higher Risk category, where 8 out of 10 deaths reported are in adults ages 65 and older.  While my parents, 93 and 87, are stressed and feeling isolated on “lockdown” at their Continuum Care Community, they realize how fortunate they are because of the dedicated care of their Caregiver, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  I can’t imagine my parents surviving these past few months without their beloved Caregiver, who props them up literally with pillows and her shoulder to lean on, as well as, emotionally for 8 hours a day. 

STEPS Home Care Heroes Video from Jen-1

We at STEPS Home Care would like to take a moment to recognize our hero Caregivers and thank them for being our healthcare heroes here in Westchester, Nassau and Fairfield Counties. 

At Steps Home Care, we are so proud of how our employees have adapted to these challenging circumstances, and are finding creative ways to keep our clients safe, busy and fulfilled. Our STEPS Caregivers have stepped up to the challenge and taken on more tasks than usual to help our clients communicate digitally with their families, stock up on groceries and medications and keep a daily routine. Whether it is the delicious and appetizing meals they prepare, the surprise “outings” to drive around the neighborhood or to drive-thru for a favorite milkshake, or tending to a thriving flower garden on a balcony. Most importantly it is our STEPS Home Care Caregivers' never ending patience with our clients, when someone with dementia asks where their husband is every 5 minutes …even though he is 25 feet away in the next room.

Below are personal thank you quotes for our Caregivers from the client's family member, who have gone above and beyond for our clients during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

To Ionie,

"Three years ago, we hired STEPS Home Care to find an aide for our mom in NY and we have been so happy.  We went from hiring someone a few days a week as a companion and now to 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to Ionie, who is so compassionate and empathetic and during this pandemic and kept my 88 year old mom safe while making sure she does not feel depressed or isolated.  We especially are grateful because she makes certain that my mom is meticulously groomed each day even while in isolation.  Her outfits are carefully selected, her makeup applied and her hair done.  My mom has a sense of purpose and so much pride in how she appears.”   

Ruben Ellin

To Mary and Tenesha,

"During the coronavirus social isolation, I was so worried about my mom with her dementia and how she would fare alone in her house isolated.  Now we have her covered 24/7 and her STEPS aides Mary and Tenesha have been so attentive and loving and have kept my mom busy and distracted both inside the house with small projects as well as outside the house taking neighborhood drives, long walks and  going out for lunch (outside).  Mary also makes sure to have my mom attend the STEPPING Out Activity every Thursday afternoon rain or shine and now on Zoom!  Thank you to Mary and Tenesha, local heroes who give me peace of mind."

Peggy M.

To Dominique,

"In this crazy challenging time of Covid, it has been heartbreaking to have to stay away from my 91 year old mother who suffers from dementia and lives at the Atria Rye Brook.  She was used to having me there to visit her and help her 3-4 times a week so this is a big change and change is not something that dementia patients do well with. But the loving, patient and attentive care that Dominique has provided has been the constant. It has made my mom’s life easier and happier and it certainly has made my life so much better knowing that she is in Dominique’s capable care."

Jane Gelbard


Headquartered in White Plains, NY with offices in Stamford, CT, Garden City, NY and New York, NY, STEPS Home Care is a family, female, and locally owned company serving New York and Connecticut.  Like our clients, we've experienced the stress and challenges of caring for aging loved ones.  Our family is here to help yours, sharing experience and guidance to provide you with peace of mind.