A Guide to the Safest Masks to Protect You and Your Family in NY & CT



There is no magic bullet to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the New York Metro Area. Medical experts anticipate a combination of herd immunity - 60% to 80% of the population have antibodies, a...

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Why Nursing Homes in NY & CT are At High Risk for COVID-19 Infection

Even as death rates from the coronavirus have declined overall since March, U.S. nursing homes, also known as long-term care facilities, have persisted as one of the deadliest environments for...

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Coronavirus Testing 101: What You Need to Know in NY and CT

There has been an uptick in Covid-19 positive cases in Fairfield County and Westchester County over the last week, driven in part by some teens not practicing social distancing and returning to life...

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Happy Gorgeous Grandmas Day to Our NY & CT Grandmas

Yes, Gorgeous Grandma Day really is a day on the calendar!  Time to celebrate our Grandmas.  Since those of us in Westchester, Fairfield County and Nassau County are still under some measure of...

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NY & CT Seniors Can Access a Lifestyle Program to Prevent Dementia

Sharp Again Naturally

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Social Isolation Accelerates Memory Loss for Seniors in NY & CT

While discussing current events at a recent family dinner, my 85 year old mom looked a bit confused and interrupted the conversation and began singing a “ditty,” a sweet song from decades ago that...

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Tips for Safely Dining Outside for Seniors in Westchester County


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Senior Reopening Safety: Westchester, Fairfield & Nassau County

Over 100 days ago New York state confirmed their first case of coronavirus and life forever changed as we knew it. This week, New York and Connecticut are cautiously emerging from the pandemic and...

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STEPS Home Care Recognizes Our Caregivers During COVID-19


During this Coronavirus pandemic, we collectively worry for our aging parents in Westchester, Fairfield County and Nassau County as we realize they...

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CONNECTT - Helping Seniors with Technology During COVID-19

What happens when energetic local students assist seniors with technology and social engagement during social distancing?

Steps Home Care clients will now access The CONNECTT program, a...

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