Legacy Projects for Seniors in Westchester, Fairfield, Nassau Counties

Ever wondered what will happen to all the black and white photos, the VCR video footage of you growing up or maybe your parents 8 mm film of their honeymoon? How can you preserve all these memories...

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Safe Masks for Seniors in Westchester, Fairfield & Nassau Counties

The COVID pandemic is ever-evolving, as is our response to it. This week,  leading health experts called for wearing more effective masks - N95 and KN95 masks - as there is growing evidence that ...

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COVID Rapid Tests: Info for Westchester, Fairfield & Nassau Counties

At-home rapid COVID tests are now the hottest ticket item after scrambling for Apple AirPods this Christmas. However, there are concerns and questions such as will the new Omicron variant affect the...

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Merry Activities for Seniors: Westchester, Fairfield & Nassau Counties

The holiday season is here and there are so many festive, engaging holiday activities to bring your senior loved ones to safely outside or enjoy from your own car. Link here to read more about local...

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Parkinson's Update: Westchester, Fairfield & Nassau Counties

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Where Can Seniors Dine Together in Westchester & Fairfield County

Seniors sharing meals together with family or others, not just during the holidays, promotes their emotional and nutritional well being.

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Gifts for Loved Ones with Dementia in Westchester & Fairfield County

A Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors with Dementia: Toys and Gadgets to Entertain and Soothe 

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STEPPING Out Social Program Returns to Westchester & Fairfield County

Today, our STEPPING Out social activity program re-launched following a hiatus during many months of COVID safety measures. On this glorious fall afternoon, our senior clients and their aides bundled... Read More

5 Essential Tips for Estate Planning in Westchester & Fairfield County

Estate planning in NOT just for the affluent, but for everyone. Estate planning is your way of protecting yourself and your family with respects to your health decisions and your family's financial...

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Singing Improves Memory and Mood in Dementia Patients - Local Programs

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