How Westchester & Fairfield Seniors Can Avoid Financial Scams

Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT seniors are considered high risk for being taken advantage of by increasingly sophisticated criminals.  In this post, we will outline the Top 10...

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What Are The 5 W’s of Medicare for Westchester, Fairfield, and Nassau County Seniors?

If you are turning 65 or are a caregiver for a parent or senior living in Westchester, Fairfield or Nassau Counties, Medicare Health Insurance was updated in 2019 to include non-skilled home care...

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Healthy Brain Games for Westchester & Fairfield County Seniors

Seniors suffering from dementia are able to continue enjoying activities, games and puzzles to encourage healthy mental and tactile stimulation. An added benefit of continuing to play these games...

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Spring - Time to Learn About the Benefits of Nature for Westchester & Fairfield County Seniors

Spring is in the air, the crocus have bloomed and the yellow daffodils are peeking out. In the past few years we have seen news showing a positive link between nature and good health.  Not...

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Technology for Home-bound Seniors | STEPS Home Care NY, CT, LI

While we may smile and laugh watching the over-the-top funny Saturday Night Live skit about “Amazon Echo Silver,” digital technology for home-bound seniors has arrived. A new technology created in...

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Stop and Smell the Roses - Using Scents to Engage Seniors

The sense of smell is intricately linked with memory and emotions. Picture walking by a lilac in bloom triggering a memory of a special garden or the scent of fresh baked cookies in the oven...

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Caring for Caregivers in NY, CT and LI | STEPS Home Care

Day after day, caregivers in Westchester, Fairfield, and Nassau Counties find the burden of caring for an aging loved one strains even the most resilient person. While caring for an aging family...

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Announcing Speaker Series - Transition to Home: Navigating the Hospital or Rehab Discharge


  • Date:  Part 1 - Tuesday, March 12th & Part 2 - Tuesday, March 26th
  • Time:  3:30pm - Refreshments @ 3:30pm; Presentation @...
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Life Lessons from Seniors - STEPS Home Care


“There is so much to learn from those who fought in World War II, marched for civil rights, survived the Holocaust, endured broken hearts, found a way as a single mom, and laughed and loved... Read More

STEPS Home Care:  2019 Family-Owned Business Award Recipient

The Fairfield & Westchester Business Journals Recognized STEPS Home Care as a Top 20 Family-Owned Business

STEPS Home Care, a female owned licensed Home Care Services Agency serving Westchester...

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