Not Just Bingo: Sophisticated Westchester County, NY Senior Activities

19 Nov Not Just Bingo: Sophisticated Westchester County, NY Senior Activities

Not Just Bingo and Musical Chairs - Where Seniors in Westchester County, NY Can Access Sophisticated Activities and Services at Local Senior Centers.

While being able to grow old comfortably in your own home with a caregiver can be a blessing, it may also be a double-edged sword as a senior may feel isolated from an active social life.  Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) refer to non-medical factors that influence health.  According to a study by insurance company, NovuHealth, the 1 of the main factors of overall health are social determinants of health.  The social determinants of health are often broken into 6 categories, including community and social context (aka social isolation).  Social isolation is one of the most important issues for many seniors, and quite often a reason they initial call STEPS Home Care.

While you and other family members and friends might be able to juggle your schedules to help keep your mom and dad stimulated, rather than just “busy,” it might be time to research and reach out to a local senior center.  Senior Centers have structured social activities, such as field trips to museums, grocery shopping trips or lectures by college professors. 

Today’s senior centers are reinventing themselves to meet the needs and desires of the aging baby boom generation. Senior centers offer a wide variety of sophisticated programs and services, and can really help an isolated senior to feel more connected to individuals and their community as a whole.

These programs and services include:  volunteer and civic engagement opportunities; social and recreational activities;  educational and arts programs; intergenerational programs;  information and assistance; health, fitness, and wellness programs; transportation services; public benefits counseling; employment assistance; and meal and nutrition programs.

Westchester County Senior Centers

White Plains Senior Center

65 Mitchell Place | White Plains NY 

The Active Older Adult Program offers classes and leisure activities for adults 60 years and older. All programs are held at the White Plains Recreation & Parks Community Center in the historical Armory building in downtown White Plains. Metered parking is available on Mitchell Place or in the City Center Parking Garage located on Martine Ave. and Main Street. Programs hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, for more information about our program call, 422-1423.

Recreation & Wellness Support – Residents 60 years old and up qualify to participate. Non-residents are welcome to attend classes by paying the non-residents rate. Enjoy a variety of recreation and leisure activities throughout the year. Through our Wellness Support program you can receive guidance and direction from health care professionals.

Senior Café – The Center serves a delicious, nutritious hot lunch daily from 11:30am–noon for a $3.00 suggested contribution. Meal reservations can be made for a week at a time (24 hour reservation required).

Center Transportation Services – Bus service is available, door to door, to and from your home (24 hour reservation required). Reservations can also be made for a week at a time. Center Bus Schedule: 9am, 10am (dependent on number of riders) 1 & 2:30pm runs. Fee is a $1.00 suggested contribution per one-way service.

Grocery Shopping – Thursdays – (Shop for one hour). Bus pick up is between 9:15 – 10am. You can choose to shop at Stop & Shop or Shop Rite. Farmer’s Market – Wednesdays. The Senior Bus will pick you up on the morning run and drop you off at the market. The bus will pick you up from the Market and return to the Center, not your home. For a ride home you must make a reservation for the 1pm bus leaving from the Center.

YWCA of Yonkers Friendship Club

87 South Broadway | Yonkers NY 

The Friendship Club has become a place where seniors find friendship, a sense of community, education, travel, fun and lots more. The Club helps older adults enjoy life while accessing the help they need to live with dignity and independently. Regular program activities include aerobics and exercise, bingo, movies, arts & crafts, music and computer, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and preventive care. Health professionals, visiting nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, lawyers and other professionals visiting the program regularly to speak with the seniors about various issues of importance. They counsel as appropriate, answer any questions the seniors may have and generally serve as a resource for the seniors. The center serves as a vital resource center providing an answer to almost any question or helping the seniors navigate the sometimes confusing network of services available to them. We also provide referrals for available community services to complement our on-site services. Referrals include legal assistance, rent assistance, safe driving classes,

Rye Brook Senior Center

32 Garibaldi Place | Rye Brook NY

The mission of the Rye Brook Seniors Program is to create an environment where older adults can congregate, receive services and participate in activities that will enhance their involvement in and with the community.  Our objective is to institute a multi-dimensional program of activities for older adults that simultaneously satisfies the most active and the most passive aged and promotes life long learning.

Rye Brook has a thriving program which includes a daily nutritional lunch, a wide array of exercise programs five times a week which include Tai Chi, Low Impact Aerobics, Weight Training and Yoga instruction.  Our members also partake in Art Classes, health and wellness lectures and screenings and cultural and educational programming on topics of interest to the senior community.  Our center holds numerous special events with musical entertainment and plans weekly trips as well as overnight trips.  Some of our trips include museums, theatre, restaurants, shopping and casinos. Members also participate in intergenerational programming where they make connections with people of all ages.  Our members also participate in numerous community outreach programs such as the Monthly Intergeneration Soup Kitchen.

Hugh Doyle Senior Center

94 Davis Avenue | New Rochelle NY

The multi-services Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m. Programs include a full range of social, educational, and recreational activities. If you are 60 years of age or older, we invite you to participate in our Nutrition Program. We offer a hot lunch-time meal from a menu planned by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

Aside from your appetite, we encourage you to bring your interests, talents, skills, and friendly cheer for the various social activities you will be invited to participate in.  Whether you take part in an exercise program, bingo, arts & crafts or outings, we hope you make new friendships and have a wonderful time.

Dobbs Ferry Senior Program

112 Main Street | Dobbs Ferry NY

The Dobbs Ferry Senior Citizen Program provides a variety of classes and activities for our 60+ residents. We meet most weekdays at the Fire/Police Department building. The program provides a variety of services for senior citizens including exercise, arts & crafts, computer lesson

Irvington Senior Center

29 Bridge St | Irvington NY

Located in the Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington, this facility is home to the Village Senior Citizen Program. It is also used for recreation programs and services. For information about the Irvington Senior Program, please contact Senior Coordinator Joan Armstrong at (914) 591-7786.

James Galgano Senior Center

55 Elm Street | Sleepy Hollow NY

The Village is proud to support the Sleepy Hollow Seniors Club. The Club has meetings at 1 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the month (or on Tuesdays if that Monday is a holiday) at the James F. Galgano Senior Center located at 55 Elm Street. Annual membership dues of $10.00 helps to support an annual holiday luncheon and summer picnic, as well as activities throughout the year such as bingo, movies and knitting. Contact Sleepy Hollow Seniors President Mrs. Susan McCarthy, at 914-366-5109 for more information on how to join.

Senior Recreation Programs: The Village provides free excersise classes and activities for Seniors, including yoga, computer classes and ceramics. Swimming is also available at 10 a.m. Tuesdays at Kendal on Hudson located at 1010 Kendal Way. All other activities take place at the James F. Galgano Senior Center. See the Recreation Activities page for current offerings or call the Recreation Dept. at 914-366-5109.

The Neighborhood House: The Village is proud to provide support to The Neighborhood House, which offers programs geared towards Seniors in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown and surrounding communities. Current offerings include "yoga on the chair", memoir writing, art workshop, movies and a bridge and card club.  43 Wildey Street in Tarrytown. 914-631-0205

Hot Lunch: Available Monday thru Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for a $2.50 donation at the Neighborhood House in Tarrytown. Call 914-631-2717 for more information.

Clinton Street Senior Center

1a Clinton Street | Pleasantville NY

The Pleasantville Senior Citizen Programs & Services provides recreational and educational programs as well as supportive services to residents 55 years of age and older. These programs and services are designed to enhance the quality of life of our adult residents by increasing their independence and maintaining their involvement in the life of our community. Information, referral and support services to Pleasantville senior citizens and their families is provided through the offices of the Director, Joni Ehrlich, GCM, QDCP. 

If you would like more information about local senior centers and how you can access them for your loved one, please reach out to Betsy, our Director of Community Relations at

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