30 Jul Home Care Testimonial in White Plains, NY (Westchester County)

Testimonial by Howard Ball – White Plains, NY (Westchester County, NY)

I want to formally thank you in writing for the quality of service you and your company provided in the care of my mother-in-law over the last several months.  She is now doing well in a memory care unit of a White Plains assisted living facility.  But, of course, it was not like that at the time I called you for assistance.

At the time of my first call to you, she was not doing very well physically.  The care we received from your aides may have made the difference for her between life and death, or at the very least between being in reasonably good health giver her age and chronic conditions, versus being wretchedly miserable.  And it made the difference in my ability to cope with a difficult situation.

In June 2013 my wife’s family moved her mother from her own apartment where we had part-day aides from another agency, to a memory care unit of an assisted living facility (not the one where she is at present).  The aides were generally attentive, but I had some problems with the agency’s management of care whereby sometimes aides did not show up and I had no notice.  My mother-in-law has dementia and was over 90 years old.  The dementia often presented behavioral problems.  These conditions led to our decision for the change in care.

My wife’s mother did well in that memory care unit until December 2013.  At that time she fell during the night and needed to be sent to the emergency room of White Plains Hospital for broken bones.  She did not understand or accept the need for oxygen, confinement to a wheelchair, or use of a walker.  The rehabilitation facility could not or would not provide the degree of care she needed to not fall again, and I recruited another aide agency to provide aides around the clock.

The latter agency did an exemplary job, but could not provide aides overnight on a continuing basis.  The agency’s owner assisted me in recruiting an elder care attorney, a former rehabilitation and nursing home administrator, to help me in dealing with the rehabilitation facility, and this attorney recommended your agency.  I called you, and virtually immediately our nights were covered.

That winter was harsh with plenty of snow and cold.  Both your agency and the daytime agency went to considerable lengths to assure coverage of my mother-in-law including personally driving aides through, or in advance of, the severe weather to make sure they were at the rehabilitation facility when needed.  Had she not had such coverage, she might have fallen again and possibly died.  You, Jennifer, and Steps In Home Care and the other agency did so much better than the previous agency I used, that in fairness I retained you both since the other assisted in your recruitment and both agencies cooperated and worked well with each other – a rarity I’m sure!

Because the care my mother-in-law received at this first rehabilitation facility was problematic, I found it very valuable to get information about her care from you via the reports of the aides.  Through you, I learned whether she slept through the night, or not, and the action of the facility.  This frequent communication worked well via both telephone and email.  During this time she had hospitalizations, infections, drug reactions, and more.

After a while, I was able to have my wife’s mother transferred to a rehabilitation facility with a better reputation.  You arranged to have the aides continue their care for her at the latter facility may miles away from the first.  Again, you were proactive in holiday schedules and weather situations.

With the aides making sure that my wife’s mother ate and had liquid nourishment (at both facilities) and some exercise plus the care from the second rehabilitation facility, my mother-in-law improved.  Finally we were able to have her admitted to another memory care place where she has been for more than 2 months and is presently doing well.

One must understand that for many months every day was problematic.  Would I get an emergency call?  How could I find out how my wife’s mother’s care was going?  Was she being treated well by the facility?  Having the good relationship I had with Steps In Home Care, a partnership in care, with frequent communication, my mother-in-law survived a series of bad situations and I was enabled.  Thank you again!

July 2014