19 Jun Home Care Testimonial in Larchmont, NY (Westchester County)

Testimonial by Joan Cannon – Larchmont, NY (Westchester County, NY)

My mother insisted on living in her house in Larchmont after trying an assisted living facility for a month.  We started using a company in White Plains to provide home health aids.  They were very unreliable.  They didn't show up or call when one of their aids couldn't come.  I live in New Jersey and my other sisters live 3+ hours away from our Mother.  So, we had no back up if someone called out or didn’t show up.  We used to ask a neighbor to go to my mother's house, but that was a huge favor to ask.

I started looking for another agency, and Shan's company was referred to me. I called and they made an appointment for the next day to come to my Mother's house in Larchmont and meet the entire family.  Ever since Shan and his company have been involved in my Mother's care, everything has run so smoothly.  I never worry that I will need to go to New York to take care of my Mother.  I totally depend on Shan and his company.  They have gone above and beyond in all aspects of home health care.  The quality of caregiver Steps employs is incredible.  They are wonderful, caring, respectful, and dependable.

He has allowed my Mother to stay in her house and enjoy her life in the place she wants to be.  They include our entire family is the care planning process, and notify us of any changes.  We also wanted to make it a priority to get our Mother out of the house for health and social reasons, and they made a point of doing exactly that.  They drive to her whenever she needs to go including shopping, doctors’ appointments, etc.

I would recommend using his company to anyone needing home health care.  I don't know what we would do without Steps In Home Care.

June 2014