05 Jun Home Care Testimonial in Great Neck, NY (Nassau County)

Testimonial by Margaret L. – Great Neck, NY (Nassau County, NY)

I have been using Steps in Home Care for one year.  My father, who is almost 96, lives alone. He has fallen three times in the past two years.  He uses a walker as well as a wheelchair and needs full-time home care.   I live about 140 miles away.

I was using another agency, but was dissatisfied.  I did some research which is how I found Steps.   They said they hired only the top 3-4% of caregivers that apply. I liked the thoroughness of their screening process.

In addition to Steps, I spoke with a few other agencies on the phone and did not have a good experience.  It took only took one conversation with Jennifer at Steps for me to start to feel relief that I had found a good agency.  She was open to all my questions; spent time on the phone with me; spoke to me about finding an aide who would be a match for my Dad; and listened to the qualities I wanted in an aide: an attentive, caring,pro-active person.  At the time I hired Steps, my father was still in rehab after fracturing his hip.  Jennifer said she would come to rehab with Barbara, the nurse, to meet him.  Only one other agency had suggested this but they did not follow through.  In addition, Steps was the only agency I found that had a policy of stopping by the house every two weeks to pick up time sheets and check in.  I found that reassuring.   Every time there was a new aide, Barbara the nurse, came to my father’s house to help orient the aide.

The first two aides did not work out with my father but Steps was willing to work with us to find someone my father liked.  Now my father has a weekday aide who is really quite wonderful.  I think that is an understatement.  She has been with him for a year, first as his weekend aide and then as his weekday aide.  He just thinks she is fantastic and she is.   They get along amazingly well.  She is attentive, caring, capable, smart, and very perceptive about people.  She is extremely dependable. My father and I know we can rely on her for excellent care.

It is possible to find wonderful care and although it may not be easy, it’s worth the effort to do so.  What a huge difference this has made in his life and in mine.  I feel so glad that he is at home with someone who is caring for him in a way that makes him feel good.  This really is a blessing for both of us.

I am glad this kind of agency exists and I feel fortunate to have found them.  Steps has worked with me and my father every single step of the way.  If an aide cannot come to the house they will find a backup.  They are responsive to my emails and phone calls.  They care about their clients and about the type of care they provide.  I would recommend them very highly.

Margaret L.

June 2014