09 Apr Home Care Testimonial in Dobbs Ferry, NY (Westchester County)

Testimonial by Tom Szenthgyorgyi – Dobbs Ferry, NY (Westchester County, NY)

About two years ago it became clear that my mother, age 85 and a widow, was going to need sustained and ongoing help from a caregiver. Her needs weren't medical; what she required was a companion who would check in several times a week, help her with errands, drive her to the doctor, and in general assist with tasks she could no longer complete herself.

After talking to representatives from several agencies I chose Steps in Home Care, convinced by my interview with its president, Shan Wade, that the company would provide caring, compassionate and efficient care. In the two years since then my initial impression of Shan and Steps in Home Care has been confirmed and strengthened.
Several women have worked with my mother. They have all been warm and empathetic aides. I've been particularly impressed with how closely they and Shan kept watch on my mother, alerting me on several occasions of possible health or other issues. Shan in particular has been a caring resource, helping out quickly and effectively on several occasions when emergency care had to be arranged.

My mother's condition has deteriorated and we've moved her in with family. We no longer need assistance from Steps in Home Care.  But the service they provided was a great aid in a difficult time. I enthusiastically recommend the company and Shan to anyone facing a similar situation.

April 2015