Announcing STEPS Home Care Special Senior Art Tours in Westchester and Fairfield Counties

10 Jan Announcing STEPS Home Care Special Senior Art Tours in Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Join STEPS Home Care for engaging art museum tours and activities for our senior home care clients and family members

Peterdi_179_133As Dementia progresses in patients, they may struggle to communicate so it becomes even more important to find ways to try new interactive activities to stimulate conversation. Studies show that art therapy can enhance communication, brain function and social interaction for dementia patients. In fact, just viewing visual art can trigger dormant emotional memories while encouraging communication and socialization for people with dementia.


Visit a Local Art Museum with STEPS Home Care for a Special Senior Tour in
Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Visiting a local art museum promotes social interaction among patients and their caregivers. Family caregivers can experience isolation and loneliness much like dementia patients themselves. Having a chance to communicate about a visual topic can alleviate those feelings of loneliness and improve self-esteem. Because of art’s positive effects on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, several museums have initiated programs for seniors suffering from dementia.

Art Activity as Art Therapy

What’s more, when dementia patients engage in an art activity, it stimulates many parts of the brain by inspiring them to plan, remember, create patterns and use motor skills. Art is also a topic and activity all generations can share together…great activity for grandkids and grandparents to share.

Join Our Pilot STEPS Art Tour This January at The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT 

Our new initiative for our Westchester and Fairfield County clients will be launched this month with a pilot art tour at The Bruce Museum.  The Bruce Museum currently offers the “Lifetime of Looking’ talks led by a docent trained by a Dementia Friend facilitator. This presentation offers an engaging experience to those who have dementia. The tour is short, followed by a hands-on art activity and there is always an opportunity to have a seat as there are chairs offered at each stop along the way. STEPS Home Care Caregivers will be present as well. 

Access Our STEPPING OUT Calendar for Art Museums Near You


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We will be reaching out to our clients and their families one by one to introduce our new program as well as to our aides so they may take advantage of planned activities posted on our STEPPING OUT Calendar.